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Talk about the different types of period products with an adult you trust.

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Given that the average woman uses about 10,000 sanitary products during her lifetime, it makes sense that researchers and women are giving serious consideration to their menstrual management methods.Pads seem to be the simpler option for many, because a pad is a piece of material made to absorb the blood.

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Make sure you change them at least every four to eight hours to help prevent a rare but potentially fatal disease called toxic shock syndrome (TSS).When it comes to options for dealing with our periods, the women of 2014 are generally pretty fortunate.

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Both tampons and pads are healthy options, so which one you choose to use is based on your preferences.Pads and tampons are the most common supplies for handling periods.

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Julie Lamb, MD, reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at Pacific NW Fertility in Seattle, tells.

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It is often perplexing to young women when they try to wrap their minds around the fact that a.This month, I was determined to save my underwear from being sacrificed to the period gods.Finding the products that best suit you is easier when one understands the different types of feminine hygiene products that are available.Synonyms for tampon at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.

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A tampon is a feminine hygiene product designed to absorb the menstrual flow by insertion into the vagina during menstruation.Though the applicator size is identical (see below), the diameter of the American Tampax tampon was just a hair bigger than the Japanese one.The regular tampons are a little different in that the Tampax regular is slightly longer than the Charm regular.

If you use tampons during your periods, aim for wearing a tampon that is saturated and needs changing every three to five hours.With tampons, pads, menstrual cups, and THINX Period Panties on hand, I weighed the pros and cons of each.The tampon comes in the shape of a compressed, insertable pad designed to expand in all directions for better coverage and also features a concave tip so that a finger can be used to push it snugly into place.Honest boasts 100 percent organic cotton tampons and pads, and tampon applicators that are phthalate-free and without of fragrances, deodorants, rayon and synthetic absorbers.

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Fragrance ingredients, parabens in personal lubricants, pesticides, dioxins in cotton used to make tampons and sanitary pads, and even tampon plastic applicators may have negative effects, according to laboratory evidence.

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The purification and bleaching process with chlorine products may leave traces of dioxins in the product.

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Singer Center on Rikers Island, where about 600 women usually are imprisoned, pads and tampons are distributed weekly.

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Tampons are sterile, come very well-packaged in their own waterproof sleeves, and are designed to be ultra-absorbent — making them the perfect first aid bandage.