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Passbook is a great way to store loyalty cards, flight information, coupons, gift cards, and members cards right on your iPhone.Since the application for new passbook is a typical letter, it is mandatory that you add the name and full address of both the receiver and sender in the appropriate places designated for them.Tools to create, manage, and update Apple Passbook Passes One of the most useful — and misunderstood — features in the iPhone is called Passbook.

In this case, I can tap on the Manage button underneath the myCard tab.Apple Wallet (Wallet for short, formerly Apple Passbook) is a mobile app included with the iOS operating system that allows users to store Wallet-passes, meaning coupons, boarding passes, student ID cards, event tickets, movie tickets, public transportation tickets, store cards, (and starting with iOS 8.1) credit cards, debit cards, prepaid.

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Passbook will now run the card through a virtual shredder and delete it from Passbook.Right on the main page, you can choose from one of their 5 templates for different kinds of usage: Event, Boarding Pass, Coupon, Store Card, and Generic.For example the Starbucks Card template allows you to transfer the details of your current Starbucks card to Passbook by inputting your Starbucks card number, current balance and currency code.

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Once you add these details are added you will able to see it in pending KYC section.Our forum members have found quite a few Passbook compatible apps that you may want to check out.You may need to tap Add to Apple Wallet and then tap Add in the upper right corner of the pass.

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It can be used with NFC technology for making in-store purchases, as well as online shopping and Google Play digital purchases.

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Then you can either view coupons and club cards, complete with information and barcodes, or instantly create a card.Also you can check latest.Launch Passbook, and the pass for the card appears along with other passes that appear as banners.

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Yesterday, Starbucks updated its iPhone app with iOS 6 compatibility, including the much anticipated Passbook integration.

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Lemon Wallet for iPhone is basically a virtual wallet similar to Passbook but picks up where it lacks.

Once you are done using that card you can either tap the Home button to exit out of Passbook, tap it again to return it to your Passbook stack or swipe downwards.Through the Passbook app, you can send coupons to any of your customers located within the nation or abroad.To refresh it manually just pull down and release on the screen in order to update the card yourself.

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However, if you want you can add KYC detail like Bank account detail, PAN card number, Passport, Driving license or election card details.Then, the next time you are visiting one of these stores, the notification will automatically appear on your iPhone or iPod Touch. For the.Clicking on the store card pass type, my next task was to create a name for the template, determine if I wanted to use a public certificate or upload a private certificate, type in an organization.Somewhere within the app there should be settings for Passbook.You can claim for transfer (this option is not active now will be activated soon.We are however still trying to find out an alternative solution to this.